What's the Best Credit Card for Buying Furniture? - Part 1

There are several reward credit cards available that can help you save money on expenses like groceries and vacation. Yet you might not be aware that some credit cards are also fantastic for significant expenditures, like brand-new furniture.

According to U.S. News contributor Andrea Woroch, a well-known money-saving blogger and expert, "opening a new credit card before buying a couch can be a great way to earn extra rewards to help pay for the purchase or use toward another financial goal, like saving up for a vacation or other big-ticket item."

That is particularly true if the credit card you presently use doesn't provide you with substantial rewards for purchases or if the type of rewards you are currently earning, like airline miles or hotel points, is no longer available.

Hence, if you intend to purchase furniture soon, think about getting a new credit card with a targeted savings account first. A Furniture Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus: What to Look for When a minimum amount is spent within a short period of time after opening a new card, many cards offer a sign-up bonus.

This implies that opening a new card is typically a great idea when making significant purchases like furniture, according to Nick Burgess, publisher of the personal finance website Becoming a Millennial Millionaire. In fact, some credit cards include sign-up bonuses that can reach $300.
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