The best states for paying off student debt

Borrowers should be ready to start paying payments once more, or perhaps for the first time, since the student loan payment moratorium is slated to expire this summer.

Your particular position and your ability to make your monthly payments depend on a variety of things. Regardless of where you live, a number of factors can affect how easy or difficult it is for you to pay off your student debt, including your salary, the amount you owe, other financial responsibilities, and more.

Although Massachusetts tops Broke Scholar's overall rankings, it doesn't come out on top in any of the individual categories, including student borrower profiles, salaries and costs of living, or job growth and unemployment rates.

Vermont has the highest student borrower profile score, which takes into account the proportion of residents with bachelor's degrees, the average amount of student debt due, and the average default rate, even if Florida and Vermont don't place in the overall rankings.

Florida received the highest score in that category because it has one of the lowest rates of unemployment and one of the fastest rates of job growth in the country.

Despite being ranked seventh overall, New Hampshire has the best cost of living and pay conditions in the nation based on average entry-level and mid-career salaries.

High ranks in each individual area, however, support the ascent of states like South Dakota and Massachusetts. According to Broke Scholar, these are the ten best states for repaying your student loans: Massachusetts, South Dakota Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Washington, Utah, Nebraska,
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