Pups Save a Ghost

The episode opens with it being nighttime in Adventure Bay. Rubble is soon awoken by a hooting and falls into a freshly dug hole. When he emerges, he finds the hooting to be from Little Hootie. However, his attention is soon drawn to a weird "Shh..." noise, and spots what appears to be a ghost on the swing. Rubble is left spooked by the encounter as Little Hootie flies off.

The next day, Rubble explains what he saw last night to the other pups and Ryder, but they do their best to think Rubble was just seeing things. However, they are confused as to why all the toys are lying outside, even before they woke up. Although none of the other pups are certain about Rubble's claims, Rubble would soon find out he hadn't been seeing things...

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