Earn 120,000 USD from NFT of ducks in six hours

 Thorne Melcher and Mandy Musselwhite sold over 10,000 NFTs for a total of $120,000, saving them from foreclosure and losing their home.

The sale took place when the two were owed a mortgage of $ 35,587 and had to pay on January 20, or go to court a day later. "We had to think about something. Neither of us wanted to lose this property. We and the animals both loved it," said Musselwhite, 25.

Before releasing the NFT collection, the two had overspent their bank limit. Not only did they struggle with bills, they could barely afford food and initially didn't have the funds to pay for the smart contract implementation fees for Dastardly Ducks.

Luckily a friend helped them pay this amount.

"We literally went bankrupt. Just a few hours later, we had more money than ever before," Melcher said.

How did they start?

The two have been developing Dastardly Ducks since early January. "It feels like we're starting a startup and launching our first product, from concept to launch, in less than two weeks. It's stressful when everyone is there. It happened so quickly," Melcher said.

Being a software engineer helped her quickly learn the Solidity programming language, specialized for developing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, along with the support of many forerunners in the NFT field. Meanwhile, Musselwhite is a graphic artist and is in charge of designing each duck in the collection.

"It's the perfect mix of our talents," Melcher said.

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