Suddenly famous for selling a million dollars in selfies

 INDONESIA Nearly a thousand NFT-attached selfies of 22-year-old student Ghozali Ghozalo have reached over a million USD in trading volume in a few days.

After less than a week on the floor, the set of photos was suddenly valued at hundreds of times higher and more than 400 people bought this NFT selfie photo. The price of a photo in this gallery is 0.21 ETH. With each ETH currently priced at $3,300, those who want to own Ghozalo's NFT must spend at least $700, not including transaction fees. As of the end of this January 14, the total transaction volume of NFTs in the Ghozali Everyday collection on the OpenSea exchange reached 321 ETH, equivalent to one million USD.

It is not clear how much money Ghozali Ghozalo earned. However, there are investors who have made a profit of 78,000% thanks to buying photos in the above collection. The HypeBeast page called this a million-dollar project "defying logic", while ChannelNewsAsia also commented it was a surprise success with "insensitive photos".

Many people think that Ghozali Everyday is reminiscent of Everydays: the First 5000 Days - Beeple's NFT painting collection sold for $69 million in March 2021, spurring the NFT investment movement around the world this year. via.

Ghozalo's success did not come by accident. Ghozali's photos went viral after being shared by a chef named Arnold Poernomo on his Twitter page with more than two million followers. Several celebrities in the fashion and crypto worlds then also mentioned the collection.

When selling 230 photos, Ghozalo once posted on Twitter, "Even now I still don't understand why you guys want to buy my NFT photos", and at the same time happy that the effort for nearly 5 years has paid off. He said he will continue to take selfies every day until he finishes college and hopes to one day open his own animation studio.

NFT (Non-fungible token) is a craze since early 2021. Applying blockchain technology, NFT helps to create uniqueness for digital products, thereby giving them a certain value in the market. school. Recently, NFT has developed strongly in the gaming segment. One of the most famous NFT games today is Axie Infinity, founded by Vietnamese people.

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