Some Vietnamese blockchain games are accused of fraud

 Many people lost faith in the blockchain game developed by a team of Vietnamese engineers, when successive projects such as Crypto Bike, Floki Iron ... were considered scams.

At the same time, a meme coin project of a Vietnamese development team was also accused of fraud. The Floki Iron project raised capital by pre-selling tokens named FIT to early investors on the PinkSale platform. On December 22, Floki Iron announced that it had sold out 100 BNB worth of tokens in 30 seconds.

However, all of the above money was withdrawn by the person behind it, instead of being used to invest in the project. With the value of each BNB at that time more than 500 USD, the amount that this group collected was about 50,000 USD.

PinkSale then announced the inability to contact the Floki Iron development team and decided to reveal their identities based on KYC data, which showed that the three were from Thai Nguyen, Binh Phuoc and Quang Nam.

"After opening an in-depth investigation into Floki Iron, we concluded that the person behind it intentionally deceived investors and stole the liquidity," PinkSale's statement read. "We have no choice but to release their identification so that anyone affected can take legal action if necessary."

PinkSale also investigated and discovered that this group was developing another project, CyberTronToken. Up to now, the website, fanpage and Telegram group of this group have all been shut down.

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