Losing $ 2.5 million in digital money because of an online love scam

 Listening to her lover's crypto investment, Cindy Tsai lost $ 2.5 million when the cryptocurrency

Difficulties began to arise when she wanted to withdraw money. The exchange claims to withhold hundreds of thousands of dollars for tax reasons, not to mention the large sums listed as transaction fees. When the amount of $ 2.5 million put on the floor was considered lost, her boyfriend Jimmy was no longer contacted. Cindy realizes she's been tricked.

According to FBI special agent Matthew Giacobbi, the links that victims click to sign up for accounts and trades are actually websites impersonating major exchanges. When transferring money to the exchange, users are actually sending money to scammers. "Crudes are increasingly sophisticated in creating websites that look like the real thing," the agent said.

CBS News called Cindy's case a "romantic crypto scam." This page cites FBI statistics for 2021 showing that about 24,000 people have become victims of similar scams. The amount that was lost amounted to a billion dollars. The above trick is also trending to bloom.

According to expert Grace Yuen of the Global Anti-Fraud organization, everyone is at risk of falling victim to the above scam, because everyone will have problems in life. "When online predators figure that out, they'll catch you," Yuen said.

According to the FBI, the best way to protect yourself is not to invest with people you only know online, limit clicking on links from unknown sources, and don't provide bank account and digital wallet information to anyone. Who.

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