Bitcoin miners wake up the 'death clock'

 Old coal mines, which are likened to environmental "killers" with huge CO2 emissions, are being 

In 2020, this factory only operates 46 days a year and is in danger of closing. While standing on the brink, they grabbed a lifeline - a cryptocurrency mining company was born nearby. From 2021, Bitcoin mining company Marathon becomes the sole customer of the coal mine. They built a workshop of nearly 81,000 square meters with more than 30,000 specialized excavators. When the Bitcoin miners moved in, Hardin came back to life.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data shows: In the first nine months of 2021 alone, coal mines operated for 236 days. Hardin's coal-burning emissions have also skyrocketed, to 187,000 tonnes of CO2, 5,000% more than emissions during the same period in 2020.

Anne Hedges, co-director of the Montana Center for Environmental Information, visited the factory in person and photographed Marathon's bitcoin mining studio and said: "I was horrified to see what was going on, the factory. It's really a terrible event. We were just waiting for this thing to die, but now it's working at almost full capacity."

"If you're worried about climate change, you shouldn't do anything with crypto, it's a climate disaster."

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