Notes before renewing health insurance

Customers should renew health insurance on time to ensure validity and protection benefits.

Joining health insurance to protect yourself and your family is a reasonable expense. In addition to considering financial needs and conditions, participants need to pay attention to the maturity time so that they can make timely renewal decisions, ensuring insurance benefits and validity. Here are some notes before renewing your insurance policy.

Renew insurance on time
In order for your benefits to be guaranteed, you need to renew your insurance policies on time. Typically, health insurance policies allow you to renew for 30 - 60 days and still enjoy benefits. However, after this period ends, you and your family will no longer receive coverage benefits.

Although insurance companies will send reminder notices about renewal before the policy expires, customers themselves should be proactive in re-signing to ensure their own benefits.
Adjustment of insurance amount

As medical costs tend to increase every year, you need to assess how much coverage is appropriate for your future needs before renewing your policy. And if needed, you can increase your coverage amount prior to renewal to increase coverage.

Add beneficiary

When participating in insurance, customers have the right to designate beneficiaries, which can be parents, spouses or children. Accordingly, these people are directly entitled to receive all or part of the benefits from the insurance company when an unforeseen event occurs.

Insurance companies also allow customers to designate one or more people as beneficiaries of insurance. So, before renewing, you can consider adding a beneficiary in a new insurance policy or not.

Change old policies

This is something to consider if you are not satisfied with your current coverage. In this case, you can still adjust the terms you don't like or suggest additional benefits to the contract before renewing.

Digital experience

In today's technology age, mobile applications have brought ease, speed and transparency to insurance claims and purchase processes.

Therefore, before renewing the contract, customers should check whether the insurance company's applications and technologies are convenient, suitable for their needs and experiences.

Some of the features like online document validation, access to policy related information, and renewal of existing policies are important features an application should have.

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