Experts discuss technology trends at Blockchain Expo 2022

 Many technology experts discussed legal issues, human resources, blockchain trends, GameFi, metaverse at the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Conference 2022.

Capturing the future trend and development potential of the Blockchain field, the Vietnam Blockchain Technology 2022 conference called "Blockchain Expo 2022" is co-organized by MetaHub Joint Stock Company and the Digital Transformation Alliance (DTS). was held on the afternoon of May 15 at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Cultural Labor Palace.

Blockchain Expo 2022 attracted the participation of dozens of speakers who are experts and leaders at technology companies in Vietnam. Some prominent faces participated in the event such as: Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung - Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association; Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh - founder of news channel TheCoinDesk; Mr. Nguyen Viet Lam - deputy general director of RikkeiSoft and director of Rikkei Academy, Mr. Lukas Nguyen - co-founder of OnBlock Ventures, Mr. Thi Nguyen - founder of CoinF Research...

The event is divided into 4 sessions. The first session was about sharing about legal issues and how investment funds operate. The second session discusses blockchain gaming trends, GameGuild and Metaverse. The third session forecasts future market trends. The last session discussed HR trends in the blockchain industry in Vietnam.

Around the content of the first session, the experts discussed how venture capital funds work, problems with solutions and investment channels, and criteria of the fund when investing in projects. and the legal corridor in this regard.

Lawyer Dao Tien Phong, Director of Investpush Legal, said that although there are currently no detailed regulations for new applications of blockchain technology, the Government is gradually studying and proposing open policies to application and development of blockchain technology in Vietnam.

In the second session, the speakers discussed the topics of blockchain game trends, GameGuild and virtual universes. The speakers said that the prominent trend of blockchain games has brought players closer to the virtual universe and blockchain technology.
Nguyen Trung Anh - founder of news channel TheCoinDesk said that the virtual universe will combine all aspects of life into one place, in the growing work-from-home trend. With this trend, programmers or designers can create virtual offices with a variety of landscapes, interiors and sell to companies.

In the third session to discuss future trends, Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance said, after the Binance event in Dubai, NFT artist, SocialFi, Move-to-earn,... identified as trends that will explode in the future. He said that in 2022, studios and projects will update according to new trends and focus on preparing for their own NFT ecosystem.

"DTS has also been creating a closed ecosystem, supporting startups and projects in each activity, from inception to operation, organization, legal... We also strengthen the connection of domestic projects and startups with foreign investment funds", Mr. Bao emphasized the direction of DTS at the event.

At the last session of the seminar, experts discussed and exchanged about human resource needs in the blockchain industry. Accordingly, blockchain is recognized as a potential industry with high applicability in many fields. The demand for human resources in the industry is very high, covering all positions from engineering to technology.
Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Truong Son, chairman of the Vietnam Advertising Association, expressed his support for those who are engaged, research and apply new technologies in Vietnam. He emphasized: "After the Covid-19 epidemic period, the demand for digital transformation and technological innovation has increased sharply, in order to adapt to the new normal and the digital economy is taking place strongly. Blockchain Expo 2022 is the opportunity. opportunity to dig deep into the present and future of the blockchain industry"
Also at the conference space, participants had the opportunity to experience first-hand the items in the blockchain ecosystem and interact with representatives from major organizations on blockchain technology.

In the past two years, the Blockchain market in Vietnam has attracted a lot of attention when the big names are mainly in the field of centralized and decentralized finance. Many projects in Vietnam have been attracting the attention of foreign investment funds, some of which have successfully raised hundreds of thousands and millions of USD in capital and become globally famous.

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