DTS accompanies VnExpress Blockchain column

VnExpress Blockchain page with new news about the blockchain market, helping readers gain more knowledge, experience, and correct orientation when participating in investment.

The Blockchain site will play the role of providing knowledge and updates on blockchain-related activities at home and abroad. The articles on the site will also delve into trend analysis, market forecasts, and point out the good and bad points of projects and technologies, bringing true stories about blockchain characters and projects. attracted the attention of many people.

As a companion to the website, DTS will look for potential projects in the Vietnamese market. DTS Alliance experts and organizations also play a direct role in validating projects to ensure transparency and feasibility. Together with Vnexpress, DTS will organize national and international blockchain-related events connecting industry experts to support start-ups in the field.

DTS accompanies VnExpress Blockchain site. Photo: Pixabay
DTS accompanies VnExpress Blockchain site. Photo: Pixabay

From the articles on the site, readers and investors can equip themselves with knowledge in the field. These knowledge will help investors know how to observe, evaluate and orientate properly before deciding to participate in this technology or invest in a project.

Currently, blockchain is becoming a global trend. This technology can be applied to all fields such as real estate, healthcare, education, transportation, state management... Besides, blockchain also opens the trend of digital economies based on digital economy. on Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi, NFTs...with tens of billions of dollars of investment.

In the global blockchain trend, Vietnam is forecasted by many experts to be one of the pioneering markets. According to the announcement from Chainalysis, Vietnam is currently the leading country in terms of crypto adoption indexes in 2021. At the Binance Blockchain week taking place in Dubai in March, according to statistics, out of 10 GameFi achieved the highest revenue in the ecosystem with two products from Vietnamese developers. Vietnam is also in the top 10 of Binance's markets across multiple product lines.

However, according to experts, currently the majority of investors are still not fully aware of blockchain. The market also has many potential risks and risks. By accompanying VnExpress's Blockchain website, DTS hopes to create an ecosystem that supports the experience and knowledge of businesses and start-ups in this field. At the same time, the unit will play the role of connecting and creating cooperation relationships for Vietnamese businesses and start-ups with the community of foreign investors and project developers.

The DTS Digital Transformation Alliance is an alliance of individuals and organizations operating in the fields of e-commerce, digital services, digital technology, etc., working to support the community of individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. digital transformation to enhance competitiveness in the digital economy.

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