New opportunities of chip industry in virtual space fever

 VR and AR glasses, considered the door to enter the metaverse, need a huge amount of chips not inferior to the smartphone industry.

Qualcomm has a near monopoly on the chip market for AR and VR devices. But at the current scale of growth, many more manufacturers will soon enter this new field. According to CNBC, despite the many opportunities, the VR and AR chip industry may not be too competitive because there are many complex requirements that not all chip companies can solve.

Basically, the architecture of the VR chip is similar to the SoC on smart devices. It includes a processor to run the operating system and control the overall hardware operation. Among them, the most important detail that determines the VR user experience is the GPU responsible for rendering and rendering. Currently, the main application of VR is in the field of games, but the image display quality is only sufficient. If they want to enter the metaverse, manufacturers have to improve a lot on display technology.

Another challenge is the power efficiency in VR chips. Unlike desktop GPUs, the GPU in VR chips is battery-powered. Therefore, energy efficiency will determine battery life, as well as need to ensure they do not dissipate heat because they are worn on the user's face.

Many interactions in VR devices also need an intelligent AI processor to recognize facial movements, gestures, movements, etc. accurately and naturally. As the accuracy increases, the computing power also needs to increase. AI in VR is even more important than in traditional mobile.

Although the market demand for VR chips has been relatively clear, the barriers of technology also pose a big problem for chip manufacturers. According to CNBC, big tech companies, especially chipmakers, will benefit when the metaverse becomes a reality. However, the rewards will not be shared equally by all because only a small number of chip companies can now solve the challenges of VR and AR processors.

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