Losing thousands of dollars when you quit your job to play games to make money

 Van Ba quit his job at a software company in Da Nang from the end of 2021 and spent $5,000 on NFT games, but could not recover half of the capital.

After the popularity of Axie Infinity last year, the play-to-earn game market became vibrant and attracted many participants. These can be mentioned Radio Caca, Elemon, My DeFi Pet, Faraland ... or projects "following" crypto names such as BombCrypto, Crypto Bike, CryptoShips, CryptoCars... Many of them are developed by the team. The Vietnamese are behind.

On blockchain game groups with tens of thousands of members, some also "show off" that they have quit their jobs to focus on games and earn a lot of money, even hiring more players because of the uncontrollably large number of accounts. .

"In the group, there are people who have invested half a million dollars, and a few tens of thousands of dollars is quite a lot," said the administrator of a BombCrypto group with 30,000 members.

When playing blockchain games, players must initially spend a certain amount of money, at least from a few tens of dollars, to buy in-game items, then "plow" to earn tokens to convert to money, or exchange other items. profitable items.

The Vi, who has 5 years of experience in blockchain games, said that many projects of this type are created with poor graphics, few features, even in a multi-level model, and then promoted in many places to create psychology. fear of missing out (FOMO). "Many games are like a place to create FOMO for small, inexperienced players who want to follow the crowd and like to get rich quick," Vi commented.

According to this person, most blockchain games only bring profits to the first participants. Usually, the initial token price is low and these people can buy characters and items cheaply. After being "pumped", the token price increased sharply to help them make a profit. However, after only a few months, their prices will drop sharply due to more and more mining, making the latter participants disadvantaged. Even if the development team uses the carpet draw, the player is at risk of losing everything

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