Hackers scam money in 'Blockchain City'

 CityDAO, an organization that bought 16 hectares of land in Wyoming to build a "Blockchain City", was attacked by hackers and stole nearly 100,000 USD from its members.

The organization regularly updates information, answers questions, builds community, and broadcasts announcements about NFT-tagged land sales. CityDAO said the attack targeted the Discord account of a core member, nicknamed Lyons800.

First, the hacker posted an edited screenshot, showing Lyons800 chatting on a Discord channel and admitting to defrauding CityDAO members.

Lyons800 immediately called the hacker, asking to prove his innocence. This guy convinces Lyons800 to allow him to check the control panel on his machine, thereby obtaining Lyons800's authentication token on Discord and hijacking the account.

The attacker then issues a channel-wide announcement, using the bot to send a malicious link to sell the fake land. In just one day, the hacker received 29.67 ETH, equivalent to nearly 100,000 USD.

This is the second major attack via Discord in a short time. Late last year, a 17-year-old man stole 88 ETH from the Discord channel of the NFT project CreatureToadz, but returned the full amount to avoid being public.

According to Motherboard, the thefts and scams are simple and fast, showing that building a city on blockchain is not a wise investment choice if users still have to use in-game chat software to do everything. job.

Lyons800 also pointed to Discord as the weakest point, as the attack stemmed from a vulnerability that bypassed passwords and two-factor authentication. Even so, CityDAO and NFT projects still have to rely on Discord to connect with investors.

Meanwhile, Discord affirms that it values ​​the safety of users and the community. "There are strict controls in place, but we always try to prevent such things from happening and continuously invest and develop tools to protect users," a Discord representative said.

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