Ambiguous things about the metaverse

User experience, hardware devices or issues related to the digital economy in the virtual universe are still controversial. 

In addition to basic elements such as avatars, nicknames... there are much larger interests in the virtual universe. The economy in the metaverse, for example, is one of the big driving forces behind technology companies entering the field. NFTs and digital assets in the virtual universe are an example. While there are people who make millions from selling one piece of art, there are hundreds of thousands of other NFT works that are completely worthless. The same is happening as more people rush to buy digital real estate. Some think that in the long term, if they spend money to buy virtual land now, in the future they can own a "digital version of Manhattan". Others say, maybe today the virtual land is valuable, but tomorrow, they are just like an old toy.

Next is the hardware problem. When moving to the metaverse, one of the indispensable things is AR and VR equipment. Currently most virtual reality glasses are not friendly to the human eye, people often experience headaches, dizziness and eyestrain when using VR glasses for several hours continuously. That is, the experience in the virtual universe will be constantly interrupted because people need to rest.

Games are the best way to bring users into the virtual universe. But the future beyond what tech companies aim to do is break habits that people have built over generations. For example, Meta's Horizon virtual meeting room offers a completely virtual workplace, allowing colleagues to meet as avatars. But they cannot work through meetings alone. Tools like computers and keyboards in the virtual universe can't bring the performance of typing and writing directly on the board. In this respect, the metaverse is not a useful tool for improving human productivity. Many people are also skeptical about hiring someone in the virtual world, just through animated avatars because it is difficult to properly assess the candidate.

Finally, there is a contradiction about the future of technology. Experts recognize that traditional phones, laptops and tablets cannot help people move further into the Internet era. Cryptocurrencies are gradually being accepted and have direct effects on life. However, it is not easy to take a leap forward, bringing people straight into the virtual universe as the technology giants are drawing.

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