Why use the word 'mining' to talk about cryptocurrency mining?

 I see many people say "mining Bitcoin" but I don't understand why making electronic money is called mining, but it also consumes electricity? (Hung Nhan)

Last New Year, I saw my grandson bragging about his plan to buy a Bitcoin miner without understanding why he used the word "digging" to refer to earning cryptocurrency. I also wonder why crypto mining requires a graphics card and consumes electricity?

What is cryptocurrency mining? Does every cryptocurrency have to be mined? What value does this activity bring to society or is it just for some people to make money?
Called mining because it can be understood roughly that each coin is encrypted in a digital mine. To get it, you need to decode the algorithm. To decode, people use the fastest graphics card because of its high processing speed. Because mining from a "digital mine" should be called mining. To exploit the computer must work continuously, so a cooling system is required. Thus, it consumes electricity.

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