Wedding experience in a virtual universe

 Weddings in the metaverse help distant relatives of the bride and groom to be present as avatars.

According to Euronews, since Covid-19 raged, many couples have used online platforms like Zoom to organize online weddings. With Traci and Dave Gagnon, the metaverse experience allows them to go a step further.

"One of my best friends, Tom Booth, said he wouldn't be able to attend the wedding in New Hampshire because he was worried about my health. He traveled a lot and met a lot of people. Booth was very upset about it until I talked about the metaverse," Dave said.

"Can I still have a toast?" asked Tom Booth. Dave Gagnon told his friend that he can even speak in the virtual world. "Everybody who attended the wedding in real life and in the metaverse could hear the sweet words that Tom Booth shared," the groom in the metaverse said.

Traci said that not only the bride and groom but also the guests were very happy to be able to design their own avatars. "Some people say I look like Dolly Parton and a lot of people say Dave looks like Jeff Bezos. Those are good compliments," Traci shared.

Weddings in the virtual universe are gradually being embraced by many people around the world. In India, couple Janaganandhini Ramaswamy and Dinesh SP decided to hold the country's first Harry Potter-themed metaverse wedding on February 6. One of the biggest reasons why they wanted to do a virtual wedding was so that guests who couldn't make it to the actual ceremony could be present in the metaverse. One of those special people is the late father of the bride, "appears" in an avatar.

As this technology gradually becomes popular, one big question is whether weddings in the metaverse are legal?

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