Unusual exercise experience in metaverse

 Users feel like they are exercising in the middle of the Sahara desert and are effective in burning calories, but having to wear VR glasses is annoying.

Nguyen then tried more apps. She was impressed with Supernatural, which includes four exercises: boxing, meditation, stretching and Flow. She is also pleased with the FitXR that allows users to play fast reflex games.

"The simulated sensor allows you to perform fast, precise movements, and see stunning and unusual images. I never thought I would train in the Sahara, but VR for me. that experience," Nguyen said.

According to fitness experts, virtual exercise, which mainly involves stand-ups and punches in the air, is an effective way to burn calories. Most of them can be done anywhere, as long as there is space to jump and swing.

"You need to use a lot of muscle when squatting or kicking," says Jimmy Bagley, an associate professor of fitness and strength training at San Francisco State University. "If you're not a regular exerciser, or just starting out and want to lose fat or gain muscle, you can do most of your workouts in VR from now on."

According to a 2018 study by Bagley et al., training in VR can be just as effective at increasing the rate of calorie burn as a treadmill or bike, depending on the intensity of the game. Another 2020 study from the University of Minnesota Duluth found that riders often feel less tired or exhausted when cycling in VR than with a traditional bike.

However, experiencing the metaverse environment with VR glasses still has a series of disadvantages. First, users need to buy virtual reality glasses from 300 USD, buy apps from 20 USD and some related devices for not cheap. Most games also require the Internet instead of playing offline.

Experience in the game does not always bring a sense of satisfaction. Nguyen tried Holodia's Holofit app for $10.75 a month. During her cycling experience, she often experienced dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea. "The bends, up and downhill made me feel like vomiting. After that, I also had a headache for a long time," Nguyen said.

Wearing VR glasses often also creates discomfort. Next to

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