The legless avatar world in the virtual universe

 The avatars of metaverse participants today often do not have legs because the AR/VR device does not yet support the sensor for this part.

"This means your foot movements cannot be accurately detected and depicted in the virtual environment," said Gijs den Butter, co-founder of SenseGlove, a Dutch-based mixed reality (XR) control company. .

According to Butter, most VR or XR glasses have a hard time capturing foot movement. In some cases, the camera will record this movement or use sensors on the legs, but rendering them in a virtual environment is not natural.

Besides, the misrepresentation of each person's height is also the reason why avatars in the metaverse have no legs. "In VR, the avatar's 'physical height' can be very different from that in real life. Therefore, people may feel that the other person is unusually small or tall. This causes some inconvenience and create psychological discomfort," explains Dr.Rolf Illenberger, CEO of VRdirect - the company that develops VR platforms for businesses.

Also according to Illenberger, it is completely normal to look down at your feet in real life. However, in a virtual environment, this action can create an unpleasant, nauseating effect.

According to a Microsoft representative, not adding legs to the avatar in the metaverse is to avoid "tangle" for the platform. In addition, it is still difficult to accurately describe each person's height or gait.

Even so, Butter predicts that each person's avatar in the metaverse will have legs in the future. "Describing a digital model for human movement is not too difficult. Adding legs to avatars will be done if it becomes a standard in the metaverse," he said.

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