The jostling scene in Samsung's metaverse event

 Samsung celebrated the launch of Galaxy S22 in the virtual universe metaverse, but not many people could reach it because of technical problems.

Shead and many others had to struggle to find the 837X building in Decentraland. When he arrived, he and several others continued to struggle to get inside the Connectivity Theater - the theater where the event was held.

"As I scroll, I see the chat box on the left is full of 'Help' and 'I hate this game'. Only a few are interested, assuming they are in the future,'" he said.

Shead kept scrolling and saw Samsung ads. When he clicked the "Crowd" sign and opted in, he was directed to where he could see the 837X building and a pizzeria next door. At this time, the CNBC reporter saw a long line of people to join the waiting event.

"People were jostling to get in. I even saw avatars jumping on top of each other, trying to squeeze in but to no avail. The chat box was flooded with content asking for help," he said.

After 30 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to reach Samsung's building in the metaverse, Shead gave up and returned to the online YouTube event.

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