Obsession when playing digital money

 Many people have had a serious psychological crisis after pouring all their accumulated assets i

Many experts have hailed cryptocurrencies as a form of wealth expansion for those who dare to take risks. However, in reality only a small number of participants can make a profit. Many ordinary and inexperienced users put all their savings into "playing coins".

CNBC's survey of 750 crypto players found that a third of them were almost clueless about what they were pouring their money into. Psychotherapists such as Peter Klein have warned that the crypto market crash will lead to "increasingly severe symptoms of cryptocurrency addiction in people with this condition".

Hashim Yasire, 19, who founded an NFT and crypto project, said he lost a large amount of money during the recent drop. He admits it took a toll on his mental health for days.

“Back then, I thought I was pretty confident with my new skill, but it felt like everything was going to go to zero. Joining the NFT and cryptocurrencies meant sleepless nights, along with obsession. , constant stress and anxiety. It makes me very irritable," Yasire said.

Many people say cryptocurrencies have ruined almost their entire lives.

Sandip Das, 27 years old in India, said it was profitable when cryptocurrencies depreciated, but was always in a state of fatigue throughout the past year. "I slept less than 3-4 hours a day, causing me to make a lot of mistakes on the exchange. I also started having neck and shoulder pain due to high stress levels. Cryptocurrencies will destroy you both physically and mentally, it leaves problems that last a lifetime," Das said.

An unnamed 33-year-old man in Russia admitted to being addicted to cryptocurrencies and got caught up in a spiral of trying to cover his losses, but lost more and more money. He joined in November 2017, when Bitcoin rose sharply and made a profit, but has now lost all his savings with a value of nearly 150,000 USD.

"It's so bad psychologically, I can't even share this with my wife. I'm so poor. It's ruined my life and my psyche. At one point I tried to commit suicide." this person said.

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