Losing thousands of dollars when you quit your job to play games to make money

 Van Ba quit his job at a software company in Da Nang from the end of 2021 and spent $5,000 on NFT games, but could not recover half of the capital.

"After researching through the Internet and from some acquaintances on social networks, I decided to spend $ 1,000 to buy a PC, the remaining $ 4,000 spent creating more than a dozen Crypto Bike game accounts to plow. Initially. I estimate it will take about 15 days to recover the capital", Mr. Ba said.

He said he has carefully studied the trend of playing games to make money (play-to-earn). Before that, he and a friend participated in another NFT game and earned several hundred dollars a month. However, Van Ba ​​admitted to "taking a risk" when he invested most of his savings in Crypto Bike - a game with limited whitepaper information, the team behind did not reveal his identity, and resigned because he thought it was profitable. Entering from the game is enough for his life.

In early January, Crypto Bike project participants were "shocked" because the value of CB coins in this game decreased by 40 times. The cause is said to be 6 million tokens being sold off by those behind the project. Although he had "plowed" enough CB to recover his capital, Mr. Ba could not return after the collapse and almost lost his money.

Nguyen Thanh (HCMC), a former office worker, also quit his job to play BombCrypto in mid-November last year. He invested 12,000 USD to create 10 accounts when the Bcoin token in this game reached 6 USD each. It is estimated that after a month of profit, he has not even been able to recover his capital since the token price has dropped to about 2 USD per coin.

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