Graphics card battle between gamers and cryptocurrency miners

 The "mine tycoons" drove to the factory to collect graphics cards, while gamers waged a war 

For many gamers, 2021 is considered a "dark year" when cryptocurrencies take the throne, profits from Bitcoin and Ethereum mining increase, leading to a thirst for graphics cards. Card prices are pushed up too high and scarcity makes it difficult for gamers to buy a new set of PCs to play games.

"If this situation continues this year, I can only quit," said Wang Yong, 29, who assembles computer rigs for gamers in Xi'an (China). The room where Yong worked was littered with wires and computer accessories, several mainframes unfinished on the desk.

Yong said the price of graphics cards this year is still extremely high compared to a few years ago, the cost of installing a set of desktop computers to work with is thousands of yuan higher than before. "If you want a device for work or play, the best option for everyone this year is to buy a laptop or game console from the manufacturer instead of assembling it yourself. You have to pay a ridiculous amount of money because card prices are pushed up too high, not even competitive with cryptocurrency miners even with money," Yong said.

In 2020, Nvidia released the RTX30 series, of which the RTX3060 is priced at 2,499 yuan (8.9 million) while earlier this year this model was for sale on for 5,499 yuan (19.7 million dong) million dong).

"Cryptocurrency dealers and miners are willing to buy at high prices and do not need after-sales and warranty policies. Gamers have almost no chance of winning in the graphics card war. Cryptocurrency miners make money. very quickly, so they are willing to spend a lot of money to collect goods," Yong said.

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