Cryptocurrencies help cybercriminals get rich

 The bullish cryptocurrency market causes cybercriminals' assets to grow from $3 billion in 2020

According to The Verge, while cybercriminals make cryptocurrencies from illegal activities, the coins they own will increase in value as the market goes up in 2021.

According to Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin and Ethereum are priced at $29,000 and $737 at the end of 2020. By the end of 2021, these two cryptocurrencies will be worth $47,000 and $3,700, respectively. Another coin, Monero, also increased from $156 to $250 in the same period. In other words, most crypto criminals get rich in 2021.

Chainalysis statistics that in 2021, the average number of days cybercriminals retain illicit funds is 65 days, much shorter than 468 days in previous years. Even on the darknet market, the average number of days holding crypto from 1,252 days ago will be shortened to more than 250 in 2021.

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