Elon Musk mocks NFT

  Musk changed his avatar to an NFT collection image with the implication that it could

The photo posted by the US tech billionaire is a picture of monkeys in the most famous NFT Bored Ape collection today, in the center position is Ape code #5809. This is the first time Musk has used an NFT-related image as his profile picture. However, the photo caused a lot of controversy.

Twitter users discovered that the above photo was posted by Musk in the traditional way, ie using an existing image file, although this social network has supported users to use real NFT as an avatar. Decrypt also states that "there is no indication that Musk owns the aforementioned NFTs". Some people mocked that this billionaire took the photo by right-clicking to save the image to his computer, instead of using NFT in the right way.

Michael Bouhanna, vice president of auction house Sotheby's, then spoke out accusing the billionaire of illegally using the company's photos. According to Bouhanna, the photo is in fact a collage of various NFT Bored Ape, used by Sotheby's to promote their auction.

"I really admire what you do, but please delete your current profile picture, because I created it for Sotheby's sales," Bouhanna wrote. He also suggested that Musk can credit the source and that he is willing to send the original image on the condition that the aforementioned NFT owners agree.

Musk did not respond to the above tweet. But then the Tesla boss posted the message "I don't know. Looks like it's replaceable".

Musk's tweet and profile picture are said to mock the NFT. NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible token, understood as irreplaceable codes, creating uniqueness for a certain digital item. However, Musk used it as a regular photo, while denying its "irreplaceable" nature.

This isn't the first time Twitter's future boss has criticized NFT. Despite supporting cryptocurrencies and owning a lot of Dogecoin, Musk doesn't trust Web3 and once complained that Twitter's feature of setting NFT as avatar is "annoying thing".

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