Americans are allowed to stick number plates on cars

 Instead of having to drill holes in the bumpers like today, Californians can choose a license plate that can be glued directly to the car.

Many states in the US require vehicles to have both front and rear number plates. However, many models sold do not have a suitable design for the front number plate, such as the Tesla. Recently, a number of solutions have been applied, but often the method is inconsistent, or not aesthetically pleasing.

Now, one company offers a simpler and more efficient solution. License Plate Wraps (LPW) allow customers to use their products instead of traditional license plates and, worth mentioning, are legal in California.

LPW's product is a sticker on the right place of the license plate, and it is applied directly to the paint without drilling to attach it to the usual shock absorber position. The LPW also states that the paintwork must be original, or at least in good condition.

California is known for having open-minded policies, at least with license plates. The state has also adopted electronic license plates.

New-style license plates glued directly to the car cost $85. Customers can choose between 8 different license plate designs.

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