Hopeless obese Vietnamese find surgery only solution

  Minh Vu followed a rigorous diet, went to the gym, and walked dozens of kilometers a day. But he still weighed 120–140 kg and needed cardiac surgery due to obesity. When the 25-year-old from the northern province of Thai Nguyen returned to Vietnam after three years studying abroad, he started to gain weight. He quickly went from 100 kg to 142 kg. As a result of his excessive weight, even a five-minute ascent up a flight of stairs left him out of breath and exhausted. He regularly experienced shortness of breath and problems sleeping. He had to order clothes from overseas because local stores don’t carry his size. He said that companies turned down his job applications because they were concerned about his size and lack of agility. Vu says he’d tried everything to lose weight, including a strict diet, working out at the gym, walking dozens of kilometers and taking diet supplements. "I was eating only eat one bowl of rice per meal," he said. "Although the dining table wa

Silly error caused hackers to lose a million dollars in crypto

 Hacker exploited the Zeed project vulnerability and obtained a million USD, but activated the self-destruct feature before withdrawing this amount. The attack happened on April 22 on a DeFi project called Zeed. After obtaining a large amount of cryptocurrency, the hacker moves into an "attack contract" instead of transferring it to a regular wallet. This is a smart contract written by hackers, with the ability to automatically perform tasks in a very short time and the ability to self-destruct to make it difficult to trace. However, Zeed's blog says, 15 seconds after the attack, the hacker activated the self-destruct feature of the contract before taking away the proceeds, causing the funds to be locked in the attack contract forever, impossible can be taken out. According to security firm BlockSec, the attacker "probably activated the self-destruct feature because he was so excited" before he could transfer the funds elsewhere. Looking up on the Bscscan tool,

Lost 650,000 USD in crypto because of iPhone backup feature

 A MetaMask user lost $650,000 worth of cryptocurrency after crooks took over an iCloud account with backup wallet access. MetaMask recently recommended users to turn off or adjust the iCloud backup feature if using Apple devices to avoid possible cryptocurrency theft. In an announcement on April 17, the digital wallet application said that if users enable iCloud backup for applications, this iCloud data will also include MetaMask data and be password protected only. of the user. "If the password is not strong enough and someone tries to get the iCloud login information, that means the money will be stolen," MetaMask stated. The warning was issued after a user had all of his cryptocurrencies stolen from his MetaMask wallet due to the loss of his iCloud account. On his personal page on April 15, user Domenic Iacovone said that he had received a call from a phone number named Apple, asking for an authentication code that had just been sent to the phone. "Two seconds later,

NFT owl nearly 300 million USD is used for fraud

 Moonbirds, an owl-shaped NFT collection with sales of $281 million, is being used by hackers to carry out cyber frauds. According to Fortune, hackers have taken over many Twitter accounts, including some with green ticks. They then replaced the avatar with the image of the NFT Moonbirds, posting an invitation to participate in this NFT by lottery. To increase the probability of success, the attacker also tagged a bunch of people in the friends list. Some NFTs in the Moonbirds collection. Some NFTs in the Moonbirds collection. In the posts, hackers include links to fake websites or malware. If a victim clicks on a link or connects a digital wallet to that website, they may lose all of their cryptocurrency, or have ransomware installed on their device. One of the accounts with "green ticks" that the scammers targeted was Levi Sanders, the son of US Senator Bernie Sanders. After successfully taking over, the hacker changed the name of this personal account to Moonbirds, replaci